$200 NES Classic Mini Is Too Much But What About A $500 Analogue NT Mini?

Analogue NT is a premium NES clone console. It can run almost all original games with modern technology like the HDMI output. It is not an emulator. All games are running on the hardware. Compared to the original NES, the Analogue NT has a unified aluminum body. The craftsmanship is amazing because they also focusing on the internal design of the console. It has one of the most beautiful circuit board.

Analogue NT Mini - 00001

With the Nintendo released an old new NES Classic Edition, Analogue now released a mini version based on the original NT called the Analogue NT Mini. At the bottom of the Analogue NT Mini, you can see through the circuit board. But the Analogue NT is useful for those who already has a collection of the original NES or Famicom.

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