3 Nintendo Gameboy Clones Reviews

China is one of the countries who has skills re-engineer electronic products with lower price. There are demands for the cheaper product, especially in Asia. It is because product the Europe, United States, Japan and South Korea is expensive due to currency exchange rate.

GB Boy Color - 1

Those who love to play retro game is also affected by this problem. For example, on eBay, you can get a good Nintendo GameBoy Color for $60. When converted into current MYR currency rate, it cost around $240 excluding shipping cost.

The following videos show 3 Nintendo Gameboy clone named GB Boy. It is not as good as the original but it worth to try.

GB Boy (Original Gameboy clone) review video


GB Boy Color  (Gameboy Color clone) review



GB Boy (Gameboy Color Advance SP clone) review)



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