A $10,000 NES Classic Edition Is On Sales On eBay

There are a lot of people excited when Nintendo announced they would release their NES Classic Edition on 11 November 2016. I am one of them. But when there are individuals who want to make quick money by getting all the NES Classic Edition on the market and selling it back with an insane price tag, it is not fun anymore.


The original price for the NES Classic Edition is $59.99 and the highest price being put on eBay so far for the console is $10,000. It is crazy. To own an NES Classic Edition is no fun anymore.

Due to the lacking supply from Nintendo and greedy reseller who use bots to buy all stocks, disappointed fans will find another alternative to playing their retro games. It is a loose situation for everyone.

NES Classic Edition Teardown. Is it worth more than $60?


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