A Knock Off of A Clone System Revo K101

The Retro Game RS-97 K101 is a clone of another clone system. It is hard to find more information about the console because it use the same code name from the Revo.

Retro Game K101 - 3

Revo K101 is a clone system that can play Game Boy Advance games. But they have stopped the production and for those who still want the clone system can get only from eBay.

Retro Game K101 - 1

This Retro Game K101 has the same shell found in Revo K101. It is a high quality shell. You might expect the Retro Game K101 copied the shell and also its internal hardware. But it is not the case.

Retro Game K101 - 4

Rerez is a YouTube channel got this console from the seller. From the review, you can only play games that is being built in inside the game console. But even though it is playable, the frame rate drop and it is hard to play because of its inaccurate input.

Retro Game K101 - 5

It seems the clone of a clone system is a knock off. Those who want a Revo K101 need to make sure the console is not RS-97 K101 or who will be disappointed. But if you still want to get one of it even you know it is a rip-off clone system, you can visit their website.

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