An Aluminum NES Controller?

There are a lot of game enthusiasts who still love to play retro games which released in 80’s and 90’s. One of the popular retro game consoles is the Nintendo Entertainment System or the NES. NES is pack with lots of fun games and it is one of the reasons people keep their console. An NES come with an iconic game controller. It is a simple controller with D-Pad on the left section, Select and Start button at the center and action button A and B on the right section.


Analogue had released their Analogue NT before it is followed by Analogue NT Mini. Analogue NT series is one of the premium NES clones. It uses the same chipset used in the original NES but with improvement with the latest technology. Analogue NT series are using the aluminum material with a unibody design. They also focusing on its details inside its casing with an exposed circuit board.


I have stumbled upon an aluminum NES controller casing by P3D Creations. It is a fully functional NES controller made from two pieces aluminum. There are varieties of color you can choose and it is a great item to be paired with your NES or Analogue NT.


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