Analogue Brings Back The Super NES with Super Nt previously released their Analogue Nt and Nt Mini. The Analogue Nt and Nt Mini is not an emulator. It means they have improved the internal hardware to support HDMI format using original chipsets with attention to the details. It was a well crafted console with unibody design made by aluminum. Since it does require them a lot of work, the Analogue Nt Mini cost around $499.


Now, Analogue had introduce a new console inspired by Super NES which is called Super Nt. The Analogue team have come out with 4 designs; Super Nt Black, Super Nt Transparent, Super Nt Sf (inspired by the Super Famicom) and Super Nt Classic. Inherit from their previous success, the Super Nt is not emulating the games. They have improved and upscaled the graphics to run on 1080p with no lagging while playing it.


Compared to the Nt Mini, the new Super Nt will only cost $189.99 and a wireless 8Bitdo controller can be purchased at $39.99.


Pre-order is open now and customers can expect it to be delivered by February 2018.



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