Daytona USA and Its Cutting Edge Technology Back In The 90’s

Back in the early 90’s, Daytona USA (Arcade version) is the first 3D games featuring a beautiful 3D game object. The arcade version run up to 60 frames per seconds thanks to the new board they made. With higher framerates, the games look smooth and many gamers love it.

For this episode of DF Retro, the forecast is calling for blue blue skies. That’s right, it’s Daytona USA! At the time of its release, Daytona USA was the single most technically impressive game ever made and we explore each of the major iterations of the game. Daytona also helped illustrate just how important frame-rate is and was during this time. So join us as we fire up the game on Saturn, Dreamcast, the PC, and even the PlayStation 3.

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