GameStop Will Start Buying and Sell Back Refurbished NES Retro Game Console

eBay is one of the best place for us to find a retro game console and its video games. But sometimes, when you purchase items in bulk, there are some of the cartridges are not in a good shape. For those who is still looking for retro game console and video games, there will be another new place for you.


GameStop will start buying and sell back retro game console, accessories and video games. They will begin their pilot roll out to 250 locations in New York and Birmingham. They may expand their offer to all region in United States later this year.


They accept trade in way back to NES era. For those who have retro games console and want to trade in. All items from GameStop will be brought back to their Refurbishment Operation Centre for inspection, testing and repair.

gamestop games

It require them two months before they could sell any retro product. They want to ensure all buyers will have a working product and not a piece of junk. All older consoles will have same warranty as current used and refurbished consoles.

(Source: EuroGamer)


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