Good News For Game Boy Fans From Retro-Bit

It is good news for the Game Boy fans when Retro-Bit announces an improves portable console which capable of running the classic Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. The announcement made during the 2017 CES event in Las Vegas. Instead of running on an emulator, it will physically run all games on real hardware (yes, it run on original cartridges). I always wanted to build a Game Boy using Raspberry Pi Zero with the latest TFT screen, but it cost too much.

This Super Retro Boy will cost $80, and I think it is an excellent bargain. You can play up to ten hours of gaming, and it does come with a rechargeable battery. This Super Retro Boy from Retro-Bit has just won The Best Gaming Gear Award in the 2017 CES. I like its clean design, in particular on the TFT frame area.

Regarding its design, the Super Retro Boy features a classic modern design. It has different looks compared to the original Game Boy but maintains its retro looks. The console will be available on sale starting August 2017. Hope they have enough stock and learn mistakes made by Nintendo with their NES Mini Classic Edition.

Review from CNET:

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