I Watch Pixels 2015 Movie and I Like It

I have been waiting for the Pixels 2015 movie when its trailer appear first on Youtube. But not all retro game fans like it. Some of them said it will be another failure for a movie which adapted 80’s game culture in today’s world.

Pixels-2If you hope Pixels 2015 movie is story a full of documentary back in the 80’s, you should not watch this movie.

But if you want to have a light comedy entertainment with beautiful 3D pixellete graphic, this is the movie you should watch. Of course this movie could be improves if they put a bit more effort especially on its storyline. But overall, this movie is not that sucks. It maybe not worth for the hardcore retro game fans to watch this movie, but it contain lots of retro game characters in this movie (including Mario who appear in a short scene) and my sister and I started to play back the Donkey Kong on my Gameboy Advance SP Famicom Color.

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