A Kickstarter Campaign Found Agreement With Nintendo To Release Official NES Classics Book

Bitmap Books which run a successful Kickstarter campaign found agreement with Nintendo to release the official NES Classic book. The book will be called Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics. With this settlement, it will be a good companion for the upcoming NES Classics Edition.

Playing With Power - Nintendo NES Classics - 2
Original Kickstarter campaign by Bitmap Books

The book will cover 17 NES classics including Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and the Legend of Zelda. There are interviews from people behind the scene, and this book will also feature advertisement campaigns back in the 80’s.

Playing With Power - Nintendo NES Classics - 1

The book will be available starting 18 November 2016; a week after Nintendo plan to release their NES Classic Edition.

(via NintendoLife)

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