Limited Edition Analogue Nt NES Console Made From 24k Gold

Analogue Nt is a console, not emulator which let you play old NES and Famicom games in modern days without any problems. The Analogue Nt is an improve version for original NES console with HDMI capabilities which let you play on flat screen TV. Analogue Nt redesigned their board with original chips powered the original NES. With newly design board and make use of original chips, it allow players to play any games without the regional locked. A standard Analogue Nt is quite expensive but you will get a high-quality product.

Limited Edition Analogue Nt 24k - 2

Now, Analogue Nt has come out with Limited Edition Analogue Nt 24k gold to celebrate Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary. Only ten consoles will be made and each console will receive an original gold coloured cartridge Legend of Zelda. This limited edition Analogue Nt does not come cheap. It cost $4,999 and if you want this, you can reserve one from Analogue Nt website.

Unboxing Limited Edition Analogue Nt 24k:

Gameplay on Analogue Nt:

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