Long Lost Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Found!

Before Sony come out with their gaming platform, they are in talk with Nintendo to help the company to build their CD based gaming system. Nintendo at that time still sells games through cartridges. Collaboration with other partners is standard practice for Nintendo. But things does not happen as planned when both company unable to find agreement on licensing. Nintendo decided to partner with Phillip, who is Sony’s rival. Sony fought back by making its gaming console and snatched big title like the Final Fantasy to sell only for Sony new PlayStation. The rival between these two companies still continuing up until today. 

We proceeded to plug the console into a TV, inserted a Super Bomberman 5 cartridge for the SNES and turned it on. The machine’s owners actually let me do the honors, and even though it was pretty much like turning on a SNES (the unit’s also compatible with the usual SNES controllers), it still felt amazing. Everything worked well except for the prototype’s audio output and the dormant CD drive. The debugging cartridge — labeled “For demo” in Japanese — that came with the prototype couldn’t detect the CD drive. – Richard Lai, Engadget

Somebody on Reddit had posted claims to own a Nintendo Playstation. It believed during their negotiation; several prototypes are already made for demos. This Nintendo PlayStation is rare items because nobody knows it even exists at first place. It is reported only 200 demo prototypes were made, and this is one of them. It has been bought by Dan Diebold at an auction for only $75. His son Terry Diebold later post it on Reddit but it is hard for others to believe his story until they turn in on again.


(via RetroGameNetwork)

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