Markus Notch Persson Had His Views Being a Billionaire

Is Markus “Notch” Persson hates being a billionaire? Markus “Notch” Persson is the original creator for Minecraft. He sold the company for $2.5 Billion to Microsoft but he seems to miss his old life (codes Minecraft?) so much.

minecraftI ‘ve finished my reading about Minecraft. The book cover stories back on their early days. The books are written by Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson and it is good to know the inside story and how they build Minecraft.

minecraft daniel goldbergNotch is an introvert person. A kid who love to stay in front of his Commodore and do coding. It is his way to be in his own world. He is a smart person and he had his own view about the world. In the book, Notch once questioned why people who work in important sectors like nurse, policemen and firemen does not get much paid to feed their families.

Money is not the reason he codes Minecraft. He developed it because he enjoy being in a world where he can spend exploring the virtual environment and everybody seems to like it too.

But in the latest Notch tweets saw he is in a process adjusting his life with sudden wealth that he got.

I am not a billionaire (yet … hahaha) but I do understand how he felt. I like to set something like ROM before I starts doing something big. It is to ensure when I succeed, I am not going of the track.I am not writing this for him. I am sure there are others who tried to help him. I just write the following reminder just to ensure when I become a millionaire or billionaire someday (:P) , I could read this back, it might useful for other people who already had a lot of money but have crisis in their life.


  • You are now a billionaire. A lot of people want to be friend with you because they just want to have fun your money. Imagine if you do not have that much money, who will you hang out? Have a coffee with your old friends who accept you the way you are. Be selected for a new friend.
  • You are now a billionaire. Money should not be an issues for you. You should be thankful because some of us might not even had money to pay rent or food.
  • You are now a billionaire. Setup a company that will pay you monthly salaries and try to live with that money and work really hard on something that you really like.
  • You are now a billionaire. Stop being a jerk and live the way you used to be. It is okay sometime you spend like a crazy but money cant buy everything especially your family and friends.
  • You are now a billionaire. Setup an organization that help other kids who might having difficult time like you used to be.
  • You are now a billionaire. Don’t loose the money because the chances probably won’t come again
  • You are now a billionaire. Stop act like an idiot because you are not.

For the rest of us, being a millionaire is a bonus for us. But being a billionaire? Not everyone can achieve it but we should try our best.

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