Nintendo Shows Off Some Features From The NES Classic Mini

Nintendo shows off some features from the upcoming NES Classic Mini. With the new NES Classic Mini, gamers can now save their game progress while playing it. It is useful because back in the 80’s if you lost your life, you just have to play it all over again. Nintendo will give gamers four slots for each game.


Other than that, the NES Classic Mini will offer three display modes:

  • Pixel perfect, which displays the graphics with square pixels, exactly as the NES outputs them. In some ways this is the ideal format, but in others totally foreign to many players. Because it’s narrower, distances will appear shorter and movement slower — believe me, people notice these things.
  • 4:3, which stretches the image to the proportions you’d be familiar with from an old-school TV. This in itself will blur the image somewhat, it’s worth noting.
  • CRT filter, which adds an overlay simulating the visual artifacts you’d see on a CRT TV over an analog connection.

(via TechCrunch)

Other than that, the frame rates increased from 50hz to 60hz. With the increased frame rates, the game will look smoother on a big TV  screen.


NES Classic Mini Features:

The same features also found in the Famicom Mini, but the theme interface design is quite different to suite the Japanese market.

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