Retrofreak Can Run Wreck-It Ralph Fix-It Felix Jr.

Retro gaming console is popular among gamers who want to play old games. Some of the console is natively running old games like the Analogue did for their Analogue NT and Super Nt.

But there also retro consoles which run emulators to render games. For a hardcore fans, they would prefer playing their retro games on its original hardware but getting a decent original console nowadays will cost new owner a lot of money.

Emulators are getting better and there are numbers of manufacture keep producing better hardware that ship together with compatible emulators.

retro freak

Retrofreak by Cyber Gadget is one of the console that claims it can run 12 different type of emulators. In one of the review, the YouTuber even tested the Retrofreak to run a homebrew Fixit Felix Jr from the Wreck-It Ralph movie and it run smoothly.

retro freak shell

In term of its appearance, it does not have a fancy shell but its design and the white color does look like it came from older days.

The following videos show review for this console.



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