Super Mario 30th Anniversary

Nintendo celebrates Super Mario 30th anniversary by creating a special dedicated website which contain their journey right from 1985. On 13th September 1985, Super Mario Bros. was released on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in America. Compare to Atari, Nintendo provide a nice colorful graphic and fun gameplay.

Super Mario 30th Anniversary - 1

Before the release of NEX, gamers in America’s gaming market starts to decline and it results poor sales figure each years. But it does not stop Nintendo to come out with something new. Overnight, it was a smash hit and went on to sell over 40 million copies. Nintendo have also create a special video compiling all videos from fans around the world.

Nintendo also announced Super Mario Maker for Wii on 30th Super Mario anniversary. It is a game where player can create their own Super Mario world and let other people to play with it.

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