Super Mario Land Gameplay on Original Gameboy

I still remember playing this Super Mario Land on original Gameboy. I got my first Nintendo (transparent Gameboy :D) after passing my exam. The game was so addictive while I try to understand the logic behind it.

Super Mario Land Original GameBoy Spaceship

My younger sister love it too. I share my Gameboy with her since we can’t afford to have two. I want her to experience and able to think logically too. For us, owning a Gameboy at 90’s is like owning a luxury item. I also still remember asking money from my mom to buy new batteries each week since we can’t afford to buy Energizer rechargeable batteries. At the end, I connect it to power cable.

Super Mario Land Original GameBoy Jump Mushroom

Me and my sister used to play this game while we are waiting to break our fasting during Ramadhan. It bought us some of our time during the evening and we left the Gameboy for a moment to help our mom preparing the food.

Super Mario Land Original GameBoy Bonus

While watching it again, it bring back all the nostalgia and our great moment from our childhood.


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