The Very First Game for A Nintendo Playstation Prototype?

A first game for the SNES CD has been developed by homebrew developers based on BIOS they obtained from the Nintendo Playstation prototype machine. The game called Super Boss Gaiden. The game looks fun although there are some glitches. You can watch the gameplay in the following video.

That’s right. The mythical SNES CD, Sony SNES, Nintendo Playstation or Sony Super CD, whichever you choose to call it, has a game! It’s called Super Boss Gaiden and it’s been developed using a BIOS obtained from the Sony/Nintendo prototype machine. Detailed investigation of the specs has yielded that the Sony & Nintendo collaboration machine would technically have not been much different from a SNES, bar the extra storage offered by the CD-ROM interface. This recently released game by German coders “Chrono Moogle” and “Dieter Lazer” has been built around the Sony Super CD’s/Nintendo Playstation’s BIOS and specifications as close as can be accurately performed, however as the machine is little different from a SNES, don’t expect a ground breaking demonstration here. In fact, there is a also a SNES ROM for the game which isn’t much different. Still it feels nice that something has been developed for this unrealised hardware, even if it is basically just a SNES game. Please excuse the problematic gameplay and associated frustration throughout this quick play session.

The Very First Game for A Nintendo Playstation Prototype - 2

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