Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles According to WatchMojo (Video)

When video games console sales sky rocket after fallen down in 80s, there are many video game console in the market. But some of them are good and remain up until today but most of them have already close their business.

The following video shows top 10 worst video game consoles according to WatchMojo:-

#10 – Magnavox Odyssey

Magnavox Odyssey

#9 – Gizmondo


#8 – Laser Active by Pioneer


#7 – Pippin  by Apple and Bandai

pippin by apple

#6 – 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Panasonic)

3DO Interactive Multiplayer

#5 – Atari Jaguar


#4 – 32X and Sega CD

32x sega cd

#3 – N-Gage by Nokia

nokia n-gage

#2 – Philips CDi


#1 – Virtual Boy



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